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Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing & Social Media

A former marketing professional with Time Warner, Nancy Myrland is a Social Media Consultant, Speaker & Trainer, and a Professional Marketing Advisor, specializing in helping firms and companies grow their business by strengthening relationships with their clients through the strategic use of Social Media.

Nancy’s primary goal is to provide intelligent, innovative, and down-to-earth training and solutions based on your unique situation; never a cookie cutter approach which may or may not fit your company’s situation.

It is also her goal to help make the day-to-day responsibilities of marketing easier for you, whether by helping you write a company or firm plan to guide your marketing strategy, a business unit plan, or an individual marketing plan.  She can assume the role of marketing partner on an ongoing basis, and can advise you and help implement an agreed-upon strategy, or she can help you discover ways to make your internal marketing department structure and process more efficient to accomplish your goals.

She can also advise you, as well as manage and conduct your search for you when you are in transition between marketing personnel. Always respectful of your valuable time, she is efficient, but will advise you when additional time and focus on your part is critical to the success of a situation or strategy.

Nancy brings over twenty years of marketing, management, sales and community relations experience to her clients. She understands the dynamics of a client/service provider relationship as she has thrived on both sides of this relationship.

Nancy spent several years early in her career in advertising sales and production. She furthered her sales career in the real estate field before answering the call to become a marketer.

Nancy then spent ten valuable years in marketing with Time Warner, creating and implementing marketing and promotional campaigns in a fast-paced, business-to-consumer, entrepreneurial, numbers and budget-driven corporate environment.

She then entered law firm/professional services marketing when she joined the law firm of Baker & Daniels, where she learned the critical skills necessary for firms and companies to create sound marketing strategy based on internal and external client needs and feedback. While in-house, she managed the marketing and community affairs department, which consisted of ten marketing professionals, along with overseeing marketing efforts of seven offices around the world.

Nancy understands the need for teams and professionals to create individual marketing strategies that fit in to the overall strategy of the firm so all are working toward common goals.

Nancy has extensive experience working with media buyers, advertising and branding agencies, and enjoys and is comfortable interacting with employees and professionals at every level of the organization. She is a skilled and motivated trainer and supervisor, has conducted qualitative focus groups, and has been focusing a large part of her practice on face-to-face client interviews and debriefings in order to determine marketing and client service improvement strategies.

She has managed mergers, name changes, office moves, team formation and personnel communications strategy, and has the ability to help think through complex situations and provide creative solutions and ideas to grow businesses of all types.

Nancy’s comfortable, yet appropriately assertive, personality, creativity and ability to interact with professionals at every level of every size organization make her a valuable addition and partner to your marketing team. It is her desire to watch out for your best interests and to think about what is healthy for your organization at all times during her marketing partnership with you.

Email:       nancy@myrlandmarketing.com

Phone:       317-370-9684.

Twitter:     http://twitter.com/nancymyrland

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nancymyrland

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/myrlandmarketing

YouTube:   http://www.youtube.com/nancymyrland

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