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"The goal of our content is to become the subject of other peoples’ conversations." –Adrian LurssenI just finished listening to a Legal Lunch and Learn webinar about Content Marketing and LinkedIn, featuring one of my favorite people of all time, Adrian Lurssen, Co-Founder of JD Supra, along with Peggy Heffner of Dechert LLP, and Patrick Baynes of PeopleLinx.

I will listen to anything and everything Adrian has to say, not only because I like him, but also because he chooses his words wisely, is intelligent and has a depth of knowledge that comes from an amazing array of experiences in his life, starting with his upbringing in South Africa, then moving to the U.S., to being one of Yahoo’s earliest employees, to co-founding JD Supra with Aviva Cuyler, to simply being a constant student of everything around him. I want to be just like him when I grow up. Oh wait, I almost missed the most important reason I think so highly of him. He is one of the nicest people on God’s green Earth.

Adrian, Peggy and Patrick talked about a lot during their hour-long webinar, but a few comments Adrian made struck me as particularly valuable.

Adrian said:

Adrian Lurssen, JD Supra

“The goal of our content is to become the subject of other peoples’ conversations.”

Adrian’s right. We don’t spend time in these spaces we call Social Media engaging in Social Networking because it’s our hobby. Well, some do, but most of us are here to establish true connections that will, in some way, also enhance our business.

I remember what my former Managing Partner at Baker & Daniels, now Faegre Baker Daniels, Brian Burke, used to say about our Media Relations efforts at the firm.

Brian Burke, Faegre Baker Daniels

I hope I’m remembering this correctly, Brian, or at least doing your words justice.

“I want for our firm to be called to the table when potential clients need the services we offer.”

[Brian, it’s been over 12 years, so if those aren’t your exact words, perhaps you can help me remember them in the comments below.]

The point Brian was trying to make was that we need to be out there enough, and in the right ways, in order to at least be thought of, then included, when the selection process is underway.

I see Adrian’s comment in the same light as Brian’s. In law firms, we take the time to create a plan for content creation and distribution in order to be remembered, then to be called to the table, when our clients and potential clients need the services we have to offer.

If we have strategically created the content that is relevant to our clients’ needs, and we’ve placed it in all the right places, and done it consistently and with commitment, then we have increased our chances of becoming the subject of other peoples’ conversations, and we have increased our chances of being called to the table when help is needed.

Pile a healthy dose of follow-up, conversation and interaction on top of all of that, then you’ve truly gone a long way toward building a sustaining business that is held together by the glue I call relationships between you and your clients.

Adrian also shared this quote:

“Content without engagement is just free publicity.”

I recommend listening to Adrian, Peggy and Patrick in their Legal Lunch and Learn webinar about Content Marketing and LinkedIn.

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Content Isn’t King. It’s Emperor Of The Universe.

Appreciation goes to Joi for Creative Commons use of this photo.


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  1. Nancy, this is an excellent article and so on target.  I love the comment (even if not 100% exactly remembered) from your former Managing Partner at Baker & Daniels, now Faegre Baker Daniels, Brian Burke “I want for our firm to be called to the table when potential clients need the services we offer.”  Being strategic about content marketing and social networking is key to being at least thought of when a potential client is thinking about who to call to the table (love that phrase).  One of my partners recently shared with me that he got a serious inquiry from twitter because of the content he shares (and not just the content he or the firm is creating, but others content).  
    And, thank you for sharing the link to the webinar.  I too love Adrian Lurrsen and JD Supra, so plan to listen when I get some time this week.

  2. debdobson62 Thanks, Deb, for this comment and for sharing the post all over the place! You’re so generous. It’s easy to spew out content that isn’t on target with what we are trying to accomplishing, but then we’ve wasted a lot of very valuable time, haven’t we?

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