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Social Media: How Is Your Dance Going?My online friend, Bill Dorman, published a post today asking what we would change if we could turn back the clock to start in this world of Social Media today.

He writes often about the big kids of Social Media, those who are perceived to be important, the ones who are always tapped to speak at national and international conferences on the subject of Social Media, and those who some observers feel the need to be connected to in order to somehow feel worthy.

I wouldn’t change much at all about how I’ve used these tools. I have loved my journey, and needed every inch of it to become more informed about how my clients can integrate these tools into their existing marketing and business development strategies.

I think some became frustrated, or maybe disillusioned, because they came to “the dance” by themselves, not knowing what they wanted to do once they got here.

They didn’t necessarily view Social Media as more tools to plug into “the plan,” even if one of the goals in that plan was pure networking in their field. They just knew they liked to dance.

I get that.

I like “the dance,” too.

It’s fun spending time on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, this Myrland Marketing Minutes blog, Tout, Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud and FourSquare, just to name a few.

I have made many friends that I know I will call friends for a long time.

What becomes important is to figure out how this activity fits into your business life. If you sell widgets to wombats, then, by golly, connect with all the widgety wombats and related parties you can in order to get to know, learn from and help them.

Along the way, you’ll meet lots of non-wombats who will be an absolute joy to meet, or at least pique your curiosity, and you will find that you like to spend time interacting with them, too. There’s nothing wrong with adding them to the mix as long as you continue to work on your widget connections, too, and don’t get so distracted that you neglect the business case for being in Social.

The bonus is finding out we can learn a great deal by listening to these non-wombatty people, too…you know…getting outside of our comfortable surroundings long enough to see how others do things.

My dear friend, Heather Morse, writes about that here in a post titled I Broke Out Of Legal Marketing and It Feels GREAT! It’s amazing to discover that people outside of our profession have been doing what we’ve doing for a very long time, and might actually have some valuable insight that we can apply to our own marketing efforts…{wink, wink}.

In Bill’s comments section, I shared that this is all still pretty new in the grand scheme of life and marketing, so people are still figuring out how they want to use these tools. If playing in the sandboxes of “the big kids” of Social Media is a goal that supports your business, then go for it. It’s when we make that a goal because we feel we aren’t worthy unless we are “in their league” (whatever that means) that we become hamsters on a wheel that never stops spinning, and that doesn’t feel very productive to me.

If you have a minute, I’d love to know how you would turn back the clock on your use of Social Media. Let me know how you think your “dance” is going down there in the comments section….thanks!


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  1. If I could start over, I would focus on strategy from the beginning.
    I would emphasize automation and analytics. I would develop style guides and best practices. I would think big rather than just replying to whatever seemed interesting.
    It’s very hard to do that today, since I have so many habits in place!

  2. @robbyslaughter Thanks Robby. I enjoyed your comment about having so many habits in place, but I also have more faith in you because you are the process guy, the habit-breaker! I do think that it takes a little time at the onset to find your voice and your comfort zone, don’t you? This makes it tough to have everything in place from Day One…maybe Day Three. 🙂

  3. I guess the gist of my post was, is it ok to be a slacker? Once I figured nobody was going to pick me up with them and carry me to fame and fortune what did I really want to do in here. 
    Right now, less than 10% of my efforts are towards business. Am I ok with that? I don’t know, I’m having a successful year so far and part of this is because I increased my offline efforts. Could I be even ‘more’ successful if I integrated ‘my plan’ with my social media efforts? Good question……..
    For now, I think I’m ok sitting in the classroom learning and letting all of you smart people do all the heavy lifting. Yes, this is more a hobby than anything else but I’m ok with that because I really, really don’t want a second job which this would become if I wanted to do it ‘right.’ But I don’t want to leave either, so is there a place for me in here?
    You make the call….
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  4. @bdorman264 Hi Bill…thanks for stopping by. I can’t answer that call as you know your business better than I do. If you are happy with your efforts, and you have decided you are okay with the reason you are in Social, then you are!  BTW, you’re a really smart person, too.

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