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Social Media - Lessons to Learn
Are you like me?

When someone reaches out, and does something completely unsolicited and kind for me, I am often humbled, and always grateful, that they took the time to show that kindness.

I’d love to go in to detail, and recognize those acts of kindness, but I know I would forget someone, which would make me feel terrible. Instead, I’ll just share a few thoughts and lessons that these people have inspired:

  1. When someone pops in to your mind, for whatever reason, write, call or email them to let them know. Check on them to make sure they’re okay. You know…reach out.
  2. When you meet someone who is just starting out, or who is relatively new in their career, take time to talk to them.  Ask them about their business.  Listen to their story.  Introduce them to one or two people that might be interesting.  In other words…bring them along.
  3. Mention someone whom you admire to others on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or your blog with no motive other than to introduce them to your world. Bring them along.
  4. Write or schedule a note in your calendar to check on someone who is going through a tough time.  Reach out.
  5. When you see someone who posts something via Social Media, and no one seems to be talking to them, answer them even if you don’t know them.  It will take about 20 seconds to type a quick response. Reach out.
  6. When you see someone who appears to be new to Social Media, ask them about their business.  Reach out and bring them along.
  7. When you attend a networking event, and see someone who is by him/herself, walk over and say hello.  Trust me, people don’t attend networking events with the ultimate goal of not meeting anyone.  Reach out and bring them along.
  8. When someone says something to you in Social Media, answer them.  Don’t let their comment fall on uninterested and non-social eyes and ears.  Reach out.
  9. When you read a blog post that you like, or have feelings about, comment and add your perspective. Reach out.
  10. Every day, approach these Social spaces as just that…Social.  Engage.  Interact.  Bring people together.  Figure out ways you can share what others are doing.  Take part in Social Networking with a servant’s heart, and that is to find ways to serve others through your actions.  Reach out and bring them along whenever you can.

I have been the recipient of all of these acts of kindness, and appreciate every one of them, and the kind hearts behind them.

What would you add to my list?  What are other ways to Reach Out and Bring Them Along?

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  • I admire you and would certainly introduce you to others.

    This is really a good post and certainly a model to follow with life in general; I’m a firm believer the more you give w/out any expectations and doing it because it just feels good, the more that will be returned.

    Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in your own little world and not recognize who could use a hand up, pat on the back, or general acknowledgement. Sometimes it is the smallest gestures that have the biggest impact.

    Now I know why you came by my post; to make sure I wasn’t lonely………………:).

    I certainly appreciate you and all you do. I hope you have a great weekend.

  • NancyMyrland

    @bdorman264 You are such a joy to know Bill! Always supportive, friendly and often humorous, and I appreciate that a great deal. Thanks for your kind words. BTW, I didn’t just come by your post to make sure you weren’t lonely. You have so many who like what you write, and spend a great deal of time commenting on your blog. Take care Bill. 🙂

  • BrandYou

    Nancy, This is such a wonderful primer for not just social media etiquette, but also for how we in the business community should behave toward one another. Bravo for putting this so eloquently.

  • patrickreyes

    Nancy, awesome post and great reminder to put ourselves in a posture of humility in order for us to encourage others! Thank you for this!

  • NancyMyrland

    @BrandYou Thanks Cindy! You exemplify all of this, and more!

  • NancyMyrland

    @patrickreyes Hi Patrick! It never ceases to amaze me that people just seem to know when to reach out. I’m glad you thought it was a good reminder! 🙂

  • JeffreyMorganCA

    @NancyMyrland I love your new post. To quote the Beatles “[We] all get by with a little help from our friends” in real life and online. The use of technology to check in on people, distribute, find and retrieve information means that we all need to be willing to be there for each other when we need help or assistance. Once again, you have served as an excellent teacher and reminder that we are all learning new skills and when we feel vulnerable and might be afraid to ask for help from others , we shouldn’t be be because there are folks out there in our many communities that have been there and done that before us. It’s great when this help comes unsolicited, but it’s also good to know there are wonderful people out there like yourself that are encouraging others that we need to build a supportive environment to reach and help those that need you when you need to be “brought along”.

    Excellent post! -Jeffrey

  • NancyMyrland

    @JeffreyMorganCA Jeffrey, you are so kind, thanks! You made a very valuable comment above, and that’s that “this use of technology…means that we all need to be willing to be there for each other when we need help or assistance.” There are still many who think that because they aren’t spending any money for the use of these tools, that the investment of resources on their part can also be minimal. What you have described is a dedication of human resources that must take place for their use to really come to life. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this detailed comment. I appreciate you, and your thoughts, a great deal! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Mcalogero

    Of all the generic examples to which you refer as ways to “reach out” and “bring them along,” the two words that resonate with me are “servant’s heart.” Your post goes way beyond social media; it speaks of a societal change of mindset that can change our society, one person at a time. It reminds me of the phrase and movie by the same name, “Pay it Forward.”
    My question to all who have read your inspiring post is “Where is your place of service?” If you know where that place is, then live there with the gifts and talents and resources you’ve been blessed with, for the benefit of someone else. If you’ve not yet found your place of service, don’t spend all I’d your efforts trying to find that place. In this “me” generation, trying too hard to make a difference, to maximize one’s potential and/or profits, to be successsful (whatever that means to you), can, often times, get in the way or impede one’s journey to that place of service. Rather than trying to “find” yourself, consider “losing” yourself in the passionate service for others. Get the focus off of “me,” and onto another struggling soul who may need the encouragement to make i through another day. And, when you give unconditionally, with a servant’s heart, invariably you will receive a ROI (return on investment) of your time, talent and treasure.
    Nancy, thank you for speaking to my heart, for I am so grateful that after years of “trying” to find myself, I can now honestly say that “losing myself” in the service of others is the most rewarding and fulfilling adventure of life, every day. Nancy, you have spoken to the heart of one servant, and my heart (and soul) has been reminded of my place of service. And, I’m merely one who has passion and, significantly, who has suffered. Suffering, or struggling, can be redemptive because you can truly relate to others with the same or similar struggles and, in so doing, you can meet people at their place of need, one person at a time.
    Nancy, thank you for sharing your servant’s heart.
    Michael G. Calogero
    Metairie, LA

  • lisadimonte

    @Nancymyrland I LOVE this post, Nancy. It’s a great reminder to all of us that we were once a newbie, whether at a job at the age of 18, 22, 25 or 70, at a new business venture or going back to school or work “later in life.” It is those who have reached out to us and offered their support, advice, encouragement and the reassurance we may have needed to persevere. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can always offer a hand, a kind email or note, encouragement and support to someone every day. That small gesture does make a difference in your life and the life of the person you reached out to.

    About a year and half ago my husband passed away and I am so grateful and thankful for the support of my online friends, many of whom I had never met. It was also great to reconnect with old friends whom I had lost contact with. Those random acts of kindness really helped me get through some difficult days. Thanks again, Nancy, for the super post. Have a great weekend!

  • As I read this, I just kept thinking it’s a perfect description of all that you do! In every single way! Thank you for extending yourself, for reaching out and for making the social media world a more gracious and engaging place! (Well…you make the “whole world” a more gracious place, but I’m especially grateful for your influence in the cyber world.)

  • kirstenhodgson

    Great post Nancy. Really well put – thanks for sharing.

    I also think sharing others content is important – as well as commenting or liking, pass it on to others who would benefit from reading/seeing/hearing it.

    Am just going to do that now with your post!

  • NancyMyrland

    @Mcalogero Wow, Michael, what a fantastic comment! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It is obvious that you have passion about what you do, and about helping others, which I have a feeling are one and the same! I like your statement about suffering, and that experiencing struggles can help us relate to others going through the same. I know that to be true. Thank you for stopping by!

  • NancyMyrland

    @[email protected]


  • NancyMyrland

    @[email protected]

    Lisa, thank you for sharing here. I didn’t know that about your husband, and am so sorry for the tremendous loss, and the hole in your heart that must be there. Random acts of love and kindness during those times, and all others, are sometimes the oxygen we need to keep going. Thanks for your kindness.

  • NancyMyrland


    Lisa, thank you for sharing here. I didn’t know that about your husband, and am so sorry for the tremendous loss, and the hole in your heart that must be there. Random acts of love and kindness during those times, and all others, are sometimes the oxygen we need to keep going. Thanks for your kindness.

  • NancyMyrland

    @MimiMeredith Mimi, you are SO kind!! I hope I’m 1/10 of what I’ve described. You make it easy to reach out to. I’m thankful for getting to know you via Social Media, and can’t wait until we meet face-to-face. 🙂

  • NancyMyrland

    @lisadimonte Lisa, thank you for sharing here. I didn’t know that about your husband, and am so sorry for the tremendous loss, and the hole in your heart that must be there. Random acts of love and kindness during those times, and all others, are sometimes the oxygen we need to keep going. Thanks for your kindness.

  • NancyMyrland

    @kirstenhodgson Kristen, THANKS!!! 🙂

  • Mcalogero
  • lisadimonte

    Thanks so much for the support, Nancy, and for your kindness.

  • NancyMyrland

    @lisadimonte …and yours Lisa.

  • lisadimonte

    @NancyMyrland Thank you, Nancy!

  • I think maybe I am a little like you, I do some of these (and wish I had time to do so more often). And funny.. caught your face in my Twitter stream and I hadn’t visited your blog in a while, thought I should. 🙂 I really do a lot of these, esp. things like #7 – too easy; or #8 – I’ll reply to tweets, comments as best I can. One way I reach out and bring others along is by my blog writing, I tend to include a fair number of links to other blogs; it’s a great way to meet and introduce people, as well as share helpful info. FWIW.

  • NancyMyrland

    @3HatsComm Thanks Davina! It doesn’t surprise me that you do these things. It’s very much a part of who you are! I appreciate you engaging in #8 by being here! I admire you including a lot of links in your blog posts as that takes time, and many of us don’t do that enough! Thanks for stopping by!