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Which Way?

“Myrland Marketing Moment:

Do you have 2011 Goals?  Today, write 1-4 on a piece of paper, then write them!”

Let’s Discuss:

It’s January 17, 2011.

If you haven’t written your Marketing Plan, there’s still time.

Everyone needs to do this, not just rainmakers, salespeople, managers and CEOs.  If you have a job, a career, and serve internal or external clients or customers, you need to do this.

Don’t let this year pass without treating your business with the same degree of importance as you do when you purchase your car, home, office space or any other important purchase you make.

Do you need a little help?

As I said above, get a piece of paper, real paper, so it stays in front of you and doesn’t get mixed in with all the other open docs on your computer.  Now write the numbers 1 through 4 on that piece of paper.  Leave several lines in between each number.

Now, let’s get serious, shall we?

Make sure your goals are SMART.

S…..Are they Specific?  What exactly do you want to do?

M….Make them Measurable.  How will you know if your goal has been achieved if you can’t measure it?

A…..Is this goal really Attainable given your and your clients’ situations?

R…..Are you goals Realistic and Relevant?

T…..Make them Time-Sensitive.  Give the goal a target for completion.

Remember, this isn’t your hobby.  It’s your livelihood, so treat it that way.  Go ahead, do it now while you’re thinking about it.  Is tomorrow going to be any easier?

Thank you to jscreationzs for the image used above.

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    Hi Bill: Thanks for stopping by, and for commenting. You’re right. Even though these are not complex tasks, they are so often skipped because we don’t take the time to commit them to writing. Our firms and practices are much too important, as are our clients, to leave this to chance, aren’t they?

  2. Absolutely; being purposeful in your actions is a lot easier to do when you have a ‘game’ plan. Taking care of the little things typically creates a point of differentiation; do what you say you are going to do, do it on time, and say please and thank you.

  3. As noted above, simple but effective. I would also add, though, letting the simplicity of these words be “felt,” as well as written. With the multi-disciplinary roles we take today, it’s so easy to take on too much – either because we want to, or because we feel we HAVE to.

    Thanks for your encouraging post, Nancy.

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    Josh, you are SO right about really feeling the simplicity of all of this. It’s easy to write these words, easier to read them and agree, but to really take them to heart and do them is often overlooked. Thanks for YOUR reminder!

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