I Might Have To Smack You If You Do This On LinkedIn

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I’m not naive. I’ve seen my share of rotten business practices, along with many good ones, some even great. I’ve witnessed people who try to do good, and plenty who seem to specialize in doing the opposite.
Teaching marketing, and social and digital media for the past umpteen years, I’ve seen plenty of people try to find the easiest and quickest …

Lawyers: One Of The Most Important Questions You Can Ask Your Clients

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I was just reading an email from WordPress expert Chris Lema about his recent search for a new job. He was discussing what made him choose one employer over another. Something he said stuck with me because it could help you as you begin working with your clients, and as you continue working with current clients. Chris shared:
“Karim’s [Chris’s new …

Competition Watching? Who Cares!?

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During a MarketingProfs PRO webinar with Mack Collier just now, an attendee expressed concern in the chat room about not blogging because it will show competition what she is up to.
She asked:
“What about any concerns about blogging about topics/issues that may give competitors info about your services that you may not want them to know?  My client may not want …

Lawyers, People Don’t Want A Drill. They Want A Hole.

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I’m over on Inbound.org, watching a digital conversation called Ask Me Anything! with guest Amber Naslund. She is a Marketing, Community and Social Exec, and author of The NOW Revolution.
Something she just said applies to every industry or profession, and bears a bit of discussion here on the Myrland Marketing Minutes blog.
If you are trying to figure out how to position your …

Bloggers: Let Your Content and Your Readers Breathe

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We don’t have much time to grab our readers’ attention these days. They have so much on their plates, and more messages are being thrown their direction than at any time in history. More people are becoming content publishers by the minute, whether that be:

Blog posts like this one
A post on LinkedIn’s new Publisher platform
Updates on …

General Counsel To Lawyers: “Do You Understand AFAs?”

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Earlier this week, I recapped one component of the General Counsel Panel at this year’s LSSO RainDance conference I attended. It focused on a request these General Counsel had, which was for lawyers to “know our business.”
Another theme that surfaced had to do with AFAs, or Alternative Fee Arrangements, often called Value Billing and a few other names depending on …

General Counsel: “Lawyers, Know My Business”

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Even though the rapid-fire GC Panel at last week’s LSSO Raindance Conference was filled with pages full of suggestions (some of the one-liners were priceless), there were a few recurring themes I can’t get out of my head.
We’ll start with just one of those themes today, but I will tackle more in the coming days.
If you look below, you can …

Your LinkedIn Newsfeed: You Need To Choose What You Want To See

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Remember when you first discovered that Facebook started deciding what you would see in your Newsfeed? Well, it is now happening on LinkedIn, too. You need to check your settings on a regular basis because the LinkedIn default might not be what you would like to see.
Take a moment and watch this …

Content Marketing: Can It Be Done In Your Spare Time?

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There’s a lot of talk these days about Content, Content Marketing and Content Strategy, isn’t there? You’re busy, so it’s easy to ignore the formality of it. You write what you can, when you can, about what you know.
Isn’t it enough that you are squirreling away enough time now and then to produce something …